Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back in the Lo-Liner Groove

  After a long hiatus to get our new home up and running, we finally got the finishing touches on the Lo-Liner.  All new marker lights and badges.  Ordered an awning.  Camping this weekend.  It's poetic really.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glen's '56 Shasta and a Cat Named Frito

Name: Glen

Website: none yet

Trailer Make and Model:  1956 Shasta

Purchase Date: April 2000

1)       Have you ever been grossed out by your own trailer or
anything in it?  What was it?
Found a bar of soap that the mice had
been eatin' on. Must have been a hard winter.

2)       Honestly, what repair work did you half-ass the most? Had
some water damage in front and rear. I only replaced what I absolutely
had to and did it in sections. Otherwise, I would have to have removed
all the skin--and that would have destroyed my soul.

3)       When you are on the road do people “get” your trailer, or do
they jump to the conclusion that you are an underprivileged camper?

They always get it (at least the ones who approach us). Sometimes ol'
hands think we are insane to be pulling the Shasta, 1,700 lbs. loaded
with a Subaru (rated for 2,000 lbs). We take our time and get great
MPG and can't afford a tow vehicle.

4)    If your trailer was an animal, what would it be? Elephant.

The cat is our constant companion Frito--she
matches the interior, of course.
 5)     Have you ever driveway camped in order to avoid a spouse,
child, or maybe even a drunk neighbor?
Nope. All those people are
usually inside WITH us.

6)      What is the most unusual item you take camping? Champagne
flutes. We  drink a lot of bubbly and why ruin the moment with plastic
or stainless wine glasses?

7)   Where have you camped that most reminded you of the movie
Here in the mountain west, we can pass those places by
and fine BLM or National Forest Service back roads. I guess the
closest would be a couple of truck stop/rest areas--but we didn't
actually camp there.

8)  What is your loftiest outdoors/camping goal, and do you think you
will actually achieve it?
We want to go fulltime and work from the
road. We're betting on it in the form of a 23' Kenskill trailer we are
buying and rehabilitating.

9)      Have you ever impressed yourself with your ability to fix
something that broke on the trailer on the road?
Lost our running
lights a few times (I hate trailer lights!) And we've had a the
conversion harness with a bug in the black box that made us think we
had gremlins in the trailer's wiring harness. I keep a set of Harbor
Freight emergency towing lights in the trailer and I put eyeloops
around the trailer so I can string 'em and hook 'em up in 5 minutes.

10)   Please recommend your favorite kick ass, easy sleazy,
mother-nature lovin’ campsite.
Got many. A couple dry camping places
near Hell's Backbone, Utah roughly between Boulder, Utah, and the town
of Escalante in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. We
camp in that region nearly every Thanksgiving and one year on
Christmas Eve--we got hit with a blizzard and single-digit
temperatures in Archest N.P. It was wonderful. We shared champagne
with a french couple in a camper van who were the only other people in
the campground.

David and Goliath!

A homemade replacement knob we made using a smashed
beer top!

Friday, September 19, 2014

New View of the Outdoors. Literally.

We replaced the old scratched, blurry, and yellowed plexi-glass that had been hastily thrown in over the sink with real glass.  Now I'll will be able to enjoy the view while I scrub dishes.  This little Lo-Liner is coming along.   

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Coleman Come Up

1954 7 dollar thrift store cooler that perfectly matches the interior of the trailer.  Didn't even have to pop a tag.  Can't take full credit, Kyle saw it first. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hubcap Come Up

Still need beauty rings, and of course a good wheel scrubbing, but shits coming together over here! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lawsons Landing - Dillon Beach

Score:  3
Score Driver:   No showers on the beach. 
Date visited:   08/8/14 – 08/10/14, Fri -Sun
Address:  137 Marine View Drive Dillon Beach, CA 94929       
Phone: (707) 878-2443




Trailer/RV friendly:  No hook ups officially, but some people ran 100 foot hoses to the spigot.  Honestly though, trailer + beach wind  = better sleep.

Road in/out: Road in is tight near the campground, and the campground is not well paved and the roads are narrow.  The Lo-liner handles it like a champ though.

Privacy level:  Sites are close together.  We were in P16.  This was ideal because we had no neighbors behind us.  And a great view!  The middle sites seemed a bit clustered.

Hookups:  None.  Water spigots are available, but are very far spread out.   Bring a bag or tank for water if you have nothing else to do dishes in.  You will not want to carry them that far.

Daytime atmosphere:  Cool, damp and windy.  It’s right on the beach.  Everyone was friendly, and town is adorable and close.

Night time atmosphere:  Not even sure there were quiet hours.  It gets so windy people tend to hide inside at pretty decent hour.  And those that do party late get drowned out by the wind.  Does get cold and pretty damp.

Recreation:  Great coastal hiking, and easy for a preschool age kid.  My teenage cousins had a beach to skim board on, a pier to crab off of, and I had a kite I didn’t have to even work to fly.  Perfect place to camp and fish.

Tent friendly:  This plays blows for tent camping.  Both literally and figuratively.  Not sure if the wind or condensation was more obnoxious because I was in my trailer. 

Kid Friendly:   Lots of activities, but you need to keep an eye on the littles.  Lots of places to get lost, and this ocean thing they can drown in.  No play grounds. 

Costs:  $35 a night, which I think is high without a shower, but it gives you access to the pier. 
Misc stuff:  Bait shop at the pier.  Very few fire pits but they allow fires on the ground.  I suggest bringing something to block the wind for the fire.  Picnic tables come with seagull shit.  Just a warning, table cloths needed.

Rating Chart
5  Kick ass, easy sleazy, mother-nature lovin’ campsite.
4  That was fun, lets definitely come back site.
3  At least I had fun with my compadres site.
2  I could really take it or leave it site. 
1  Pack up guys, were leaving NOW site.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dietz D-lite

Three years ago my uncle gave me this vintage Dietz No. 2 D-Lite Large Faunt lantern.  I know for a fact it was made in New York, and before 1956.  It could be quite a bit earlier, but I'm not entirely sure.  I threw some kerosene in and it works like a champ.  Hot dog!